Our books are now open for children aged UNDER 6 months and OVER 4 years. We are not currently accepting applications for children between 7 months and 3 years.

If your child is 4 years or over and would like your child to audition for commercials, TV work, films or stage it’s important we can fully assess them and we do this by way of self tape. 

Children aged 4-7 years

Please have them complete the following:

  • Introduce themselves with their name, age and nearest town/city
  • Recite a short poem or nursery rhyme – this should ideally be spoken rather than sung.

Children aged 8 years plus

Please have them complete the following: 

  • Introduce themselves with their name, age and nearest town/city
  • Record a short monologue or poem of their choosing – this could be anything even speaking the words to a song.
  • The poem or monologue should be around 1 minute in length


  • Film with your phone/tablet in landscape (on its side rather than upright)
  • Film on a plain background (no patterned wallpaper etc that can distract the viewer)
  • Film in good light – natural daylight is always the best, do not stand with a window behind your child as it will put them in shadow.
  • Focus on the top half of the body chest to the top of their head. 
  • Remember it’s about the delivery as well as the words – think about voice tone and inflection.

Tapes should be sent via a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or Filemail and emailed to applicationtapes@modelmemanagement.co.uk along with your childs name and age so we can pair with your application form.