Q. Does ModelMe accept all model applications?
No we are a very selective agency and will only accept applicants we feel are suitable for our agency.

Q Will I have to travel?
Yes you will have to be willing to travel and in some cases very last minute to various locations. Castings are usually in London or Manchester but jobs can be anywhere in the world.

Q. What happens if I’m accepted with ModelMe Management?
You will be contacted via email within 10-14 days by one of our ModelMe Management representatives to explain the next steps. Occasional during busy times it can take longer to reply to all applications – you will receive a response, no matter the outcome, within 6 weeks.

Q. What is our commission rate and are you allowed to be with other agencies?
Our commission rate is 25%, and we are a non-sole agency so you can be with other agents as well however you will need to check with any other agencies if they allow you to be represented by others. It is not recommended to be with lots of agencies.

Q. How do I complete my contract that you’ve sent me?
Our contracts can either be printed, signed, scanned and emailed back to us or you can now digitally sign it. If you need assistance please email us on info@modelmemanagement.co.uk

Q. Are there any fees for being accepted with ModelMe Management?
Should you or your child be accepted to join ModelMe Management, although we do not charge ‘registration fees’, you will be asked to cover the cost of an individual, fully customisable profile page (this includes your details –  height, clothing & shoe size etc.. and also any new photo’s you wish to add or change) for you or your child, which is currently £30 for one year for the casting division, which covers commercials, TV, film, stage & other. If you would prefer you or your child to just be submitted for photographic modelling only, this fee will be taken from you or your child’s first earnings. This is in compliance with the BIS, as the current legislation states that an upfront work finding service fee cannot be charged to those working as a photographic model only. You will have the option when registering, which work you prefer, if you choose photographic only we will take £30 from your first booking, if you choose “TV, Film, Stage & Other” you will be registered for ALL OUR SERVICES for 30 days, if after this 30 days you wish to continue with “TV, Film, Stage & Other” on the 12 month contract we request a payment of £30 to be paid for the remaining 11 months. If you decide at any point within the 30 days you only wish to have “Photographic Work” we will downgrade your profile and NO UPFRONT PAYMENT will be requested, the £30 payment will be taken from your first photographic earnings. This is in compliance with new “Promotional fees for performers and entertainment workers” as stated on the GOV.UK website.

Q. When will I get paid from a job?
It is usual that you will receive payment within 90 days. This will be issued via bank transfer or cheque in the name of the person who completed the job. In the case of children payment is via cheque only and will be issued in the childs name so please ensure they have a bank account that this can be paid into. Under no circumstances will payment be made in any other name.

Q. Once I’ve been accepted can ModelMe guarantee me work?
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee work, no agency can but we will submit talent for every brief that they fit.

Q. Once I’ve registered with ModelMe do I need to have professional photos done?

We ask that our clients have photos taken by a professional photographer – this is so the photos we put on model cards and submit to casting directors show the models and actors at their best, it creates a good image of both the agency and the client.

We don’t stipulate who takes the photos so you can use a local photographer to yourselves, we just ask that pictures taken are PORTRAIT orientated and that there is at least 1 head and shoulder and 1 full length shot. We do have agency recommended photographers who provide special deals and discounts to ModelMe clients, visit the website page to see who and where they are. We require 4 photos to complete your model card. Photographs containing photographers watermarks cannot be accepted.

For children under 4 years good quality home taken snaps are acceptable as younger children change so quickly.